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July 16, 2010

Family Update

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Noah is turning 6 in a few days.  He lost his first tooth last month, and is starting Kindergarten next month.  (I actually just got a note from his school inviting us to an ice cream social and meet-and-greet with his teacher!)  He is out-going, loves to tell stories, and reads very well.  He loves to sit down to read a book to his brother and sister, and they love it, too!  I’ve really been loving his willingness to help around the house lately — he empties the dishwasher (well, at least, everything that goes in the lower cabinets!) and helps to sort laundry.
Catie is also reading, but she would rather be writing.  She is very good at drawing, and could keep herself happy if the only thing she were allowed to play with all day were her crayons.  She enjoys designing personalized greeting cards, as well.  She and Noah both love playing games, and happily play together every day during “quiet time” while their brother is napping.  Her hair is long enough for a ponytail, and she loves to spend time playing with her hair, and being the “girly-girl” — definitely the princess to her brothers!
Drew is developing such a great personality.  He’s always looking for trouble, but at the same time, he tries so hard to please.  Just this morning, he kept heading for things he isn’t allowed to play with — dishes on the counter, electrical sockets, Daddy’s computer.  After me telling him, “No-no!” each time, he wandered around with his hands clasped behind his back, looking at all the forbidden pleasures, saying, “No-no.  No-no.  No-no.”  He blows kisses, plays peek-a-boo, and chases his brother and sister around the house.  He loves to give hugs, and will tackle anyone with their arms out, waiting!  Catie frequently gets knocked over by his exuberance!


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  1. I remember those days of little kids around the house! I also remember my boys making greeting cards – for every grandparent birthday – and on the back of each card they’d write a little logo at the bottom – just like commercial cards – they’d add “Ross Card Company” or “Nick Card Company” and some funny symbol. Have fun with them – it all goes so fast –

    Comment by Kathy Sorci — July 17, 2010 @ 9:46 pm

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