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September 22, 2009

This, too, shall pass.

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Life is taking over.  I wish I could say that I’ve been busy doing nothing but knitting and playing with my kids.  At least, I can say I’ve been doing plenty of the latter!  The knitting has taken a backseat for a couple of reasons.  I have gotten into a few other hobbies a little bit more, and been really enjoying stretching my knowledge base.  The not-so-good reason is that there has been a little more concern over Drew’s health issues.  Before I go any further, I must specify that this is NOT a big deal!  Nothing life threatening, and because we have been watching it since birth, it’s not even threatening his kidney function (which is where the problem lies).

I was hugely uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy, and at 37 weeks-ish, I begged for an amniocentesis, to test for the baby’s lung maturity, to see if I could have him early and not worry about him needing help to breathe. The test came back with great results, so I could deliver early, but it showed a “hydronephrosis”, a dilated kidney (bigger than it should be). Drew would have to get an ultrasound when he was a day or two old to see, but I was told that it was likely to be nothing, or to resolve soon after.

The u/s after his birth showed that it was worse than originally thought, and on both sides instead of just one. We were again reassured that most babies grow out of this, so it’s nothing to worry about. They’d repeat the u/s at 6 weeks. Meanwhile, he was to be on daily antibiotics. I am not a fan of daily antibiotic use, so I asked that we figure out if it was really necessary. After all, if it hadn’t been for my request for an amnio, we wouldn’t have had an u/s that late, and seen this kidney problem to begin with.

He had to have a VCUG — a procedure in which he was catheterized under an x-ray, and his bladder was filled with contrast dye. When he peed, the x-ray showed that he emptied his bladder completely and there was no urine refluxing back to his kidney — great news! That meant that he didn’t need the antibiotics anymore.

We went back a couple of weeks ago for an u/s at the six month point (I know, I can’t believe he’s six months old, either!). Today was the follow-up appointment to discuss it. All along I’ve been told that it’s most likely that he’ll completely outgrow it by six months, and so I haven’t been letting myself research it much or spend much time worrying about it. Well, last week was the dreaded disclosure: one kidney showed a marginal improvement, so minor that it didn’t really mean much, as it was still not in the healthy range; and the other kidney was worse.

Today we had a procedure to check for a UPJ obstruction, which is a congenital issue and would need a minor corrective surgery.  We won’t know for another week or so if there is any indications that he’ll need that surgery, so we’re in the wait-and-see period.  I’m really not worried anymore about the surgery itself (I mean, I worry a little — I’m a mommy!), but I just want to know!  It’s like when your baby is crying and you go to the doctor and sort of hope it’s an ear infection, because at least you can get it treated and move on.


UPJ Obstruction:

(By the way, for those of you who were helping me through Drew’s failure-to-thrive phase, note that that’s one of the symptoms of a UPJ Obstruction…)

Poor Drew had to have an IV placed today.  His little hand was wrapped like a mummy’s, to keep him from being able to pull it out.  Of course, he cried when it was placed, but he was a trooper, and cheered right up again later, and even started treating the mummy-hand like his newest toy!  Afterwards, he had to lay still on an x-ray table while a camera took multiple exposures of his kidney function over 25 minutes.  He had to be swaddled to the table, and was quite miserable for a few minutes, but settled down soon, and napped for 20 minutes of the procedure (what a relief!).  They filled him with a contrast dye to check the kidney function, and with saline IV fluid to make him over-hydrated.  Then they gave him a diuretic, to basically give his kidneys a stress test.  Like I said, we won’t know the results for a while, but I’m glad the test is over!  So is he….

Drew After IV


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