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May 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun

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We have settled into life with 3 kids, and it is wild, adventurous, chaotic, and wonderful!  Andrew is a cheerful baby, who is perfectly chubby — a relief after his weight gain issues in the first 6  weeks.  He is quick to smile, especially when one of his older siblings is showing off for him.  And for the first time in recorded history, yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a sleeper!  Drew is active and happy when awake, but when he’s sleepy (which is often), he loves to be swaddled and put into his Moses basket.  No rocking to sleep for him — he’ll handle it himself, thankyouverymuch!

Drew and Kitty sharing a nap


After nearly a week of constant rain (I know, we’re in a drought area, I should stop complaining!), we had a few days of sunshine.  The Saturday before Mother’s Day, we heard about a local pick-your-own strawberry farm, and headed out for the afternoon.  We all had some good finds, and we each enjoyed a sample!


Drew totally dug hanging out in the warm afternoon breeze in the Moby wrap — he slept almost the whole time!  (And let me tell you, if you ever want a good thigh workout, pick strawberries for an hour with a 12 pound baby in a front carrier and an impatient toddler who doesn’t want to work in just one spot!)



DSC05862        DSC05866       DSC05871

Quite a haul we got there!  Stay tuned to find out what became of all those ripe berries!



Washington Farms must have known that even a full afternoon of berry-picking isn’t enough to tire some kids out!  Off we went to the adjacent play area and “petting farm” (that’s what they called it, but you couldn’t really pet the animals….)  Catie was still enamored of a new friend, though!


The kids are much more appreciative of faucets, after trying out this duck race with old-fashioned water pumps!


The kids were eager to slide, but when they got to the top, they were scared of this slide with the rollers.  I gave them the gentle ultimatum that, just like with some dinners, you don’t get more of what you want (the other play things) if you aren’t willing to be brave and try something new.


I was really proud of them, because they both decided to be brave and try it.  Noah agreed first, and then Catie.  As soon as Catie said she’d do it, Noah “gallantly” waved Catie ahead of him, saying, “Ladies first, Catie!”  Fortunately, she loved it!


Noah followed close behind, although he wasn’t so eager at first!  He also enjoyed it, and they both slid down at least 20 more times before we moved on!  I’m really proud of them for being so brave — sounds silly to say about a slide, but they’re only 3 and 4, and they were truly scared and worried about the slide at first, so trying it really was an act of bravery for my little guys!


Our last stop before heading back home was the “corn” box — think of a giant sand box, but filled with dried corn kernels.  The kids were much cleaner than after our average romp in a sand box, but I had a good laugh when, 4 days later, I pulled these outfits out of the clothes drier and it took me a minute to figure out why there was corn in my lint trap!


I hope you are enjoying your family, your home town, and your spring as much as we are!  

P.S. — I got a new computer, and it has taken me a little while to figure out how best to resize photos and post them.  I think I’m getting the hang of it, so I hope to share a lot more photos than I  have been lately!



  1. Way to go with the Moby Wrap. I used mine last year while rasberry picking. It was probably a little easier than bending over for strawberries!

    Comment by Moby Wrap — June 3, 2009 @ 4:18 pm

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