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January 13, 2009

Christmas Presents

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Finally (better late than never!) I can update on my Christmas knitting! I couldn’t before, because some of my family periodically peek at my blog! (Hi guys!) I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, but I have been cranking out felted clogs like a factory for the last month and a half! I miss my other knitting, but I am about to get back to it!

I managed to get 10 pairs made for the assorted family in time for the trip (this idea didn’t come to me until a little late in the season…..) I still have two pairs to finish — 1 is on the needles, and the other is off and waiting to be felted, and then I am finished (except for this sudden strange desire to make another pair for myself out of Noro Kureyon…..)


I highly recommend this pattern — It’s a little on the wordy side, but I think that a novice knitter will appreciate being able to mark off each row as they go, and an experienced knitter can get into the groove of the knitting, and let go of the pattern a little bit. My first recommendation to someone knitting this pattern would be to make a copy of it — it helps to highlight the instructions for the size you’re making, but I can almost guarantee that you’ll want to make more pairs for loved ones as time goes on, so you’ll want to keep your original copy unmarked!

I used a selection of yarns, including Patons Classic Merino for the extended family, Galway for mine, and Louet Riverstone for Brandon’s and the kids’. The slippers seemed to be loved by everyone — Grandma even took them to wear in the car on a day trip we took! (There is a separate pattern for the kids’ sizes — they are adorable!)

We used puff paint on the bottom of the slippers to give a little bit of skid-proofness. So far, so good, although I found that if you don’t use the nozzle to push the paint into the wool fibers a bit, the lines of paint begin to peel off. I felt almost as creative with the painting as I did with the knitting! We have an assortment of squiggles, dots, x’s and o’s, happy faces, words, and drawings to walk around on, now!


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