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January 12, 2009

We’re home!

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We had a lovely vacation, but I sure feel like I could use another week to recover and relax from it! I have a zillion photos, but I’ll be good and only annoy you with a few favorites!

We were staying in really nice three bedroom condos in Hilton Head, where there was a little deck just off our dining room. And there was a little lake just off the deck. And there was a little alligator just off the shore! This is a good chunk of my extended family gathered around it, probably wondering just how many people would wet their pants if the gator moved!


We enjoyed a lovely family day in Savannah, and got to see Savannah’s Candy Kitchen in full production — the kids and Brandon are eating taffy that the funky looking machine is cutting and wrapping at the same time.


The candy that doesn’t get tossed out as samples goes into those little buckets, where they get dropped onto a conveyor belt, which carried the candy to the “upstairs” area (only up a couple of steps), where it dropped out of a chute and into a sales bin!


Brandon and I even got a little “date time”. We had a lovely dinner out at CQ’s, but my real highlight of the trip was getting into a kayak for the first time. When calling to make reservations, I asked if 7 months pregnant novices were welcome. The man answered with another question: “Do you have a sense of humor?” We had a great time checking out some wildlife around Hilton Head!


This sign totally cracked me up, so I told Brandon to take a picture. I should have had him take one without me in it, but, well, I didn’t. When I showed him my Shamu self in this photo later, he described me as “vo-lump-tuous”! Good thing for him that I do have a sense of humor!



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