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December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Catie!

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My little Caitlyn turns 3 today. I’m a little amazed, for a few reasons. One, just that I’ve kept her alive that long — she’s more than a little trying, sometimes! I still feel like she’s my baby (and I suppose I will until March Baby makes his appearance), so it feels a little weird to me to think of my “baby” as 3 years old! On the other hand, she seems so much older than 3 already, it’s hard to imagine that she’s only been that old for a handful of hours!

So, in brief, Catie at 3: She can do 100 piece puzzles with a little bit of help (usually just someone helping her sort the border pieces from the center pieces). She loves to sing and dress up in our loads of play clothes — she and Noah stage elaborate stage shows for us.

Catie talks as well as Noah, which is a little astounding to us, since Noah was barely speaking at all at 3. All kids have funny expressions they use, but instead of simplifying what she’s saying, she comes up with more complicated phrases. When she’s asking for a drink for example, she and Noah both use “Please, I have a drink?”, but her personal statement to show she’s thought about preference is, “I must be want apple juice now,” or “I must be want a book to read, please.”

She likes to wear her hair in pigtails for church, but not for other days, and she loves to wear dresses in general. Her favorite drink is apple juice, her favorite food is lasagna, her favorite pajamas are Elmo footies, and her favorite special treat is a Hershey’s kiss (when I asked her, she said, “A kiss. Like, ‘dose kinda kisses!” and pointed at the candy bowl!)

Her favorite toy to play with is her Little People sets. Her favorite book is “Sam I Am” (I know, I know, Green Eggs and Ham, but this is her interview, and that’s the answer she gave. She’s 3 — give her a break!) Catie’s favorite game is “I Spy”, and she likes to play it best with Mommy. Her favorite animal is a kitty cat, and she likes to pretend to be one, but she also really likes dogs. And her favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs and toast. And we’re off to make that right now!



  1. Happy Birthday Catie!!

    Comment by Patty — December 29, 2008 @ 10:41 am

  2. Happy birthday, Catie!

    Comment by Emily — January 1, 2009 @ 6:00 pm

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