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December 1, 2008


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I’ve been feeling quite artistic and crafty lately…. apparently, some of it has rubbed off on my offspring!  A few of their creations lately have been photo-worthy, and I wanted to share my favorites!  (Although most of these are on Magnadoodles, we really do give them real crayons and paper sometimes!)

This is Noah’s drawing of our family:  Kitty is on the left, followed by me (the circle on my stomach is the baby!), Brandon (I don’t know what’s up with his hair — it’s not like that in real life!), Noah, and Catie.


Here is Catie’s depiction of our family:  2 of the people are significantly shorter than the other two, and the cat’s on the right… beyond that, your guess of who’s who is as good as mine!


In a real artistic bent, we see that Noah has spent some time working with real life models:  (I seriously adore this one — he came up with the idea of copying something himself!)


And in other news, Noah can write his name.  He would rather spell it “Noh”, but is happy to add the “a” with a reminder.  Don’t mind the fact that it’s written over a pattern’s notes — he didn’t!



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