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October 29, 2008

Updates! Includes new knitting club, vacation, and SAFF

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You know how you have a really great habit that you are perfect at doing, and then, something comes up and you can’t get to it for a few days, and then you totally fall off the wagon.  That’s how blogging is for me.  Or at least, how it would be if I was really good about doing it all the time to begin with…..

Relief Society Knitting Club

At church, the women’s group had enough interest in stitching of various sorts that they’ve started a knitting and crocheting club, to meet once a month, headed up by me!  I’m really excited about this, and I hope it goes really well.  My concept is basically a knitting circle with instruction provided for those who want or need it.  There are a lot of people who will be rank beginners, or who already knit OR crochet, and wish to become bicraftual.  A few women will come with in-progress projects to work on, but for the first meeting, the majority will be starting out fresh, so I’m starting everyone on a dishcloth.  Easy-peasy start, cheap readily-available material, and a lot less committment than a scarf!

This first meeting will be a bit of an anomaly, with so many people wanting a taste of something new, and most not having something they are already working on.  After this, the women will pick patterns they wish to work on, and just bring it to stitch and visit with each other.  I’ll be able to provide help when someone gets stuck or needs to learn a new technique, and several other women will be able to help at different skill levels, as well.  I’m really excited to see how it goes.

After this original starting point, my hope is to have it be mostly a stitching circle, but with a “lesson” component to each meeting.  Perhaps a short discussion on the different fabrics made by different crochet and knit stitches one month, or the different fibers available and the pros and cons of each for different projects.  One I’d be interested to talk about is different materials for hooks and needles, like bamboo, wood, plastic, metal, and how they work with different fibers (like how some people prefer the “stickiness” of bamboo when making lace, to keep the stitches from dropping as easily, while others prefer the slickness of metal to keep it from sticking further back on the needles, so it “flows” easier.)  Maybe even a little i-cord lesson — I think even die-hard crocheters might be interested in that technique (and of course, no one HAS to do it if they don’t want to!)

Williamsburg Vacation

We had a great week with Brandon’s parents and his “little” sister Megan.  Megan just turned 15, but she’s about 6’0″ tall now, so I don’t know that I can refer to her as little anymore!  We picked them up from the airport on Saturday late in the night, relaxed at the resort on Sunday, and by Monday….

I swear, I didn’t coerce her at all.  By her own free will, she and Debbie (my mother-in-law) went with me to Knitting Sisters (an adorable shop with the best chairs in the world — take note, anyone who has me on their Christmas list….)  Debbie already knew how to knit, and after a refresher, she got some luscious Berroco Chinchilla  and Glace for a garter stitch scarf with textured stripes.  I need to ask how she’s going with it, but she had it about 20% done by the time we left!

Megan got Noro Kureyon (had to start her on the good stuff!) for a felted purse.  She was doing great — a really quick study with casting on, and she was off and knitting in no time.  When her parents went on a sight-seeing car trip, Megan was seen knitting away in the backseat.

I cast on for a clapotis scarf (yeah, yeah, I know I said I probably would never make one…. but the Manos silk spoke to me!)  (And, please, ignore the weird “I’m so gleeful to be knitting with someone else where I didn’t expect to find a knitter” expression on my face.  I swear, that’s not what I was thinking!)

Probably my favorite photo of the kids from the trip, riding the “Clydesdales” at Busch Gardens — pure, unadulterated joy!

My fave pic of Noah, in the armor that weighed more than he did:

And my fave pic of Catie…. possibly ever (and I swear, not JUST because she’s wearing the dress….):

And a family pic from the resort, where you can *just* see the baby bump!

Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival

On Friday, I declared a mental health day (it didn’t work….) and took off at 6:30 am to meet up with some friends from Main Street Yarn and Fibers for SAFF in Fletcher, NC.  This is sort of the South’s (well, I guess, Southeast’s) answer to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  It’s probably about 1/4 of the size, but there was some really great stuff.  The really big displays that I’d gotten used to from S&W were absent (Tess, where were you?!?) because it just wasn’t big enough to draw the big names, but there were plenty of independent dyers and shops that I really enjoyed.

Miss Babs’ yarns and colors drew me in, as did her helpful attitude on Ravelry.  I got some merino roving from her, as well as some wool and bamboo in a lovely gender-neutral orange for a sweater for Bumper.  (Bumper will not stay gender-neutral — we intend to find out on Thursday at my ultrasound, but my doctor didn’t agree with my reasoning for moving the ultrasound up by a week.)  So, gender-neutral shopping, it was.  Look for news soon, though!  (Assuming Bumper is willing to share his or her secret with us!)

I also bought some Celestial Yarns Monte Cristo — a supremely soft pima cotton, and I started a baby sweater with it before we even left the festival!  I was waivering over the pattern, and being short of funds, I decided not to buy the pattern for the little sweater that had drawn me into the booth, but Cindy of patted my belly, put it in my bag, and said it was a gift from her to Bumper!  I am 80% done with the sweater, and it is precious.  I’ll have a pic of it up soon!  (No, really, I will!)  Until then, I highly recommend this Simply Knitted Baby Sweater as a great basic little sweater, and the Monte Cristo is positively snuggleable!

I also got some beautiful wool from a farm in Texas, called “Plain & Fancy Sheep and Wool Co.”  I’ll have to show you pics — there’s no website.  But I’ll get a pic up (eventually….), more information, and the email address for anyone interested in purchasing after my review!

Okay, fear not, my novel is drawing to a close (finally).  I’ll try to do better, yada yada….  😉



  1. Good luck with your knitting group! Sounds like a fun challenge. I love stopping by your blog to see baby calendar. I have a cousin who is due around the same time so it’s fun to read what is going on with baby! Good to read that baby is letting you knit now 😉

    Comment by twinknitting — October 31, 2008 @ 9:09 am

  2. […] But first, I have to share a little bit of fun knitting!  The sweater is from the pattern I got at SAFF (and that cotton yarn, too — it’s so soft!)  I devised the simple little hat to match […]

    Pingback by An answer, finally! « How I knit to stay sane — November 10, 2008 @ 4:44 pm

  3. Hi, i was just reading your blog and i think that its great that you want to start a knitting group; i hope to start one at my church. i am more knowlegdeable in crocheting and i would like to teach what i know. even though i am only 19 i would still love to teach, my mom taught me 10 years ago she only knew the basics and i have taken it from there and i love it. i have taught some of my friends and people that i work with. it is a wonderful think to know how to do this old art and even though i dont know everything and i still have alot to learn and i may not always know what to do but i still love it and try to learn from anyone who will teach me. however i sadly dont have a teacher and i have learned more that my mom knows i always look in books for help but have never lost sight in looking for a teacher for myself. 🙂

    Comment by chelle — January 28, 2010 @ 2:46 am

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