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October 3, 2008

And now that we’re settled….

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We’re leaving again!  We leave tonight for a week-long visit back to Annapolis to see Ju-Ju and Pop-Pop.  I have a pre-natal appt on Wednesday, and the plan is to bring the kids and tell them about the pregnancy then.  I’m *hoping* to talk the doctor into a quick ultra-sound peek, but I’m not counting on it!  After a week of hanging out (and maybe visiting some yarnie friends?), we’re off to Williamsburg for a week with Grandma and Grandpa (Brandon’s parents) and Aunt Megan.  We’re hoping that Uncle Jordan might be able to swing a few day visit, but we aren’t counting on him for sure, just yet.

We’re staying at a great condo a mile away from Williamsburg, and I’m really looking forward to some good ole-fashioned sight-seeing, swimming (there’s an indoor pool if the temperature dips!), and just relaxing.  I’m packing plenty of yarn — probably too much (is there such a thing?!?), and I’m just hoping for time to do with it what I please!

AND I have a close-to-full punch card for the Yarn Garden and enough birthday money to fill it up.  That means a $25 bonus once it’s full — the birthday money and the $25 should be enough for a sweater’s worth of yarn!  I should pick what sweater I want to make, so I can bring the pattern and needles to set to work!

On my to-do list before we leave:

  • Research sweater patterns and make a decision.
  • Research Williamsburg’s LYS’s.
  • Pack yarn.

I keep thinking there’s something else I should do….  Oh yeah!  Pack clothes!  Better get to work….


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