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September 11, 2008

We’re moving!

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Noah and Catie are as excited about moving to a new house as Brandon and I are!  We went on a date a couple of nights ago, and when I gave my dad (our babysitter for the evening) a warning that we were leaving in a few minutes, Noah said, “We’re going to the new house!” and ran to put his shoes on!  Whoa, Noah!  Not quite that soon!  But soon…..

We decided we really wanted it last week, and we put in an offer.  We close tomorrow afternoon (long distance — which shocks nearly everyone who hears that!) and we’ll hit the road in the evening.  Plan is for Brandon and me to stay up all night tonight packing the truck and getting everything done except for a couple of toys for the kids.  Dad will babysit on Friday while we sleep all day.  Once we wake up ready to hit the road, we load the kids and the last few things and take off.  Break a couple of hours later for a playtime at a Mickey D’s (complete with tunnels to crawl through, of course!) and then back on the road for the kids to sleep through the night (hopefully!) while we drive straight through (11ish hours, total).  We get there Saturday morning, pick up our keys from the realtor’s office, and then move in!  Wish us luck — we’ve set up quite the schedule for ourselves, to try to reduce the need for Brandon to miss more than a day of work!  House pictures are at Brandon’s blog — check out the comments, as well — there are additional pics and the Zillow listing showing great bird’s eye views of the neighborhood!


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