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June 3, 2008

MD Sheep & Wool (1 month late….)

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Oh dear, seems I disappeared again!  I just can’t help it — the weather has turned beautiful, and I just love to get outside and play with my kids!  Let’s see…  Sunny, 75 degree days in a community with eleventy million cool parks and playgrounds, cheerful kids, plentiful shaded benches for knitting while the kids play…. versus sitting in the same living room I’ve been sitting in all winter.  Doesn’t take a genius to figure out which rates higher on  my radar screen!

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival was amazing — I really enjoyed my day poking around there.  I had a budget for myself and I stuck to it (came in a little under, even, and didn’t go poking around for cheap stuff just to use every last bit!  I’m proud of this — it shows my growth as a human.)  I visited The Fold, where I got two skeins of Socks That Rock (Knitters Without Borders and Lover’s Leap). At Tess’ Designer Yarns, I got sucked in by the pretty colors.  I couldn’t afford what I really wanted, and ended up “settling” for the microfiber ribbon in a vibrant hot pink, that’s almost red.  It’s beautiful, I love knitting with it, I love the fabric it produces, but I cannot, for the life of me, find something I like to make with it, so for now, it sits.

At some store I cannot remember because it’s just been too long, I got some Lorna’s Laces in the Sweetie colorway, and I got Jojoland Melody Superwash for a prayer shawl for a friend of a friend.  The friend of the friend is the wife of a man going through some serious health issues, which I won’t go into, but I want to also make a masculine chemo cap for him before I send off the package.  I don’t know the couple personally, though, so I am having trouble judging what to make — I want it to get used, you know?

The shawl, however, is finished!

I really loved the yarn, both the knitting and the fabric.  It had a great feel to it, and I look forward to using it again.  It’s very affordable, so I’m sure I will!  The Candleflame Shawl pattern was also very enjoyable.  I will use it again as well, and I’m looking forward to trying it in different weights and yarns, to see how it turns out!


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