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April 30, 2008

Vacation from Real Life

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Have you ever thought, “Gee, it would be nice to take a vacation from life in general?” If you said no, you lie! (I’m pretty sure….)

I got to do just that this month. As I expected, I did take most of the month of April off from blogging, and from computer time in general. I did accomplish a lot of knitted goals, and I will chronicle them over time, as I catch up with everything else I’m doing.

The first leg of my vacation brought me to Massanutten, VA, a ski resort in the winter, and a spa resort year-round. I enjoyed a spa day; bathing in the Warm Springs (healing waters where Thomas Jefferson used to “take the waters” when he was ill or in pain); sharing food, stories, crafts, and fun with 7 other incredible women; and joined a knit night with 3 others from our group at On The Lamb in Staunton, VA.

When I first visit a new (to me) shop, I assess what I can find there that I haven’t found everywhere else. While I love a great selection of Cascade yarns, their presence just doesn’t impress me the way a line of hand-dyed sock yarns does. What most stood out to me as “available exclusively at On the Lamb” was Joe and Angel. Joe is the owner of the shop, and was the perfect blend of “Yarn Shop Owner” and “Joe.” In my time at the shop, I felt like I got to know Joe, the person, a little bit, not just Joe, the LYS owner.

<Sidebar: To explain what I mean by that, I frequent my LYS regularly (much TOO regularly, sometimes!). The owner is the quintessential Yarn Shop Owner, but she never just relaxes. When customers don’t need help, the paperwork is caught up, and she’s “observing” a knit night, she just observes. She never chats, jokes, works on her own project.>

Angel is the amazing right-hand woman at the shop. She has about as much warmth and personality as you can squeeze into one person, and I can’t think of a more fitting name for her. I also really enjoyed chatting with Angel, and I know my partners in crime enjoyed visiting the store. J. was the only one of my group who had visited a “real” LYS before, and she found some sock yarn that appealed to her. A. found some new patterns for baby blankets that I think she’s going to alter to make into prayer shawls, and D., the oldest on the trip at 89, regaled the group around the knitting table with stories of her 14 children (no, that’s not a typo) and of her nursing career which started 70 years ago.

Oh, me? What did I buy? Why, what makes you think I would have bought something? Oh, alright, you got it out of me. I bought the pattern for Mable the Cable in tunic length, and Sublime Angora Merino in Giggle Pink.

I had issues with screwy gauge and not paying enough attention to the cable the first time around that resulted in a crooked cable that would have fit, well, let’s just say a large gray animal only found in the zoo in North America. When I sorted out the gauge and started over, I did some math and some research with Knitting from the Top, and converted the pieced bottom-up sweater to a neck down sweater with set-in sleeves knitted in. I’m focusing a bit more of my attention on the cable, and so far, everything’s coming out great! (Mind you, I’ve barely passed the top of the shoulder, so there’s not too much that can be screwed up, yet, but I’m sure that when there’s a chance for messing up, I will not disappoint!)


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