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February 26, 2008

Tell-All Tuesday

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I have lots to work on — the maze socks for Brandon, the cabled socks for me, the woven socks for Noah (poor Catie doesn’t have any socks in the works, right now….) Then, there’s Jeanie, and the cardigan that I am casting on as soon as my yarn comes in. So, what do I do? Why, start a new project, of course!

I am going on a Red Hat week-long trip with some wonderful friends of my mom’s, who’ve become dear friends to me as well. But anyone who knows me knows that I’m about 20 years shy of wearing Red and Purple, the signature colors of this group. Until you turn 50, you can participate in the group, wearing the muted colors of pink and lavender. I thought that I had a few things in my wardrobe that would work for impromptu “field trips” for that week, when we’d all be dressed in our colors, but a prolonged scan of my closet [read: standing in front of my closet, wondering, “Why in the hell did I buy THAT?!? That’s cute — it’s a shame that I haven’t fit into since I was 12.”] revealed that I had nothing appropriate. I have been keeping an eye out for pretty lavender t-shirts when I’m out shopping, but nothing has jumped out at me… until Saturday…..

I was running errands, and popped into Michael’s, where they were clearancing a few colors of Paton’s Brilliant. One of those was their “Lilac Luster” colorway. I saw it and fell in love. It was the perfect color, the perfect sheen, just exactly what I wanted. But I still didn’t know what to do with it. I had plans to cast on a Clapotis, but was NOT eager about it. Now, understand that I am not opposed to the pattern — it’s beautiful, and Kate Gilbert is a genius designer. No, the sole reason I don’t want to make the Clap is that my knitting nemesis has made it and brags about much too often for my taste. No doubt, some day I will succumb to the satisfaction of unraveling all those dropped stitches, but today is not that day!

I scanned old editions of Knitty, looking for the pattern that would scream out to be made — the perfect match for my perfect yarn.  And I found that match in Variation on a Frill.  I am using 5 balls of yarn.  Almost 1 full ball of yarn is used for each frill, and the other 3 balls are being used for the middle of the shawl.  I am using size 6 needles, and the fabric has a lovely drape and heft.  Working on it this morning, in a chilly hall while Noah was in a speech therapy class, I was surprised when I moved it at how warm it was keeping my legs!

The yarn is great to work with — a little snaggy, but I see that more as my own issue, not the yarn!  The construction is basically a thin, thin i-cord — I can see the four knitted stitches spiraling all along the way — so there are no issues with untwisting.  There is a silver thread through the yarn that gives it a wonderful sparkle.  I will definitely use the yarn again — I am really enjoying it!

This has the “gasp factor”.  You know, the one where you pull it out of your knitting bag, and everyone around you gasps, “you’re making that?!?” or you wear it, and say you made it, and someone says “:gasp: Really?!?”  I love the “gasp factor”.

I hope to feature this on “Finished-up Friday” this week, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the pattern, so see you then!

(As for the photo of the kids playing with yarn, I ordered 28 balls of Palette from KnitPicks to make the Palette Fair Isle Cardigan, but I’m not doing it yet.  I’m saving it for when I really feel the desire to start a new big project, and then I don’t have to go out looking for it — I can just go “shopping in my stash”.  The kids LOVED playing with it and helping me check out all the colors, the first day, though!)


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