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February 15, 2008

Sick day and Finished-Up Friday

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Last night, I felt it — the dread sore throat indicating that I’d be waking up feeling miserable.  I took a little medicine and went to bed, hoping for the best.  Cute, how optimistic I am, isn’t it?  Well, I woke up feeling like my eyeballs were being pushed out of my head from the congestion, and my darling of a husband let me sleep in, keep resting, take a nap, and otherwise take as close to a “sick day” as any stay-at-home-mom has ever seen!  (He knew it was bad when I was lazing in bed, and said I didn’t feel like knitting.  He may have been considering taking me to the hospital at that point….)

Fortunately, I did perk up enough to work some 3×2 ribbing before I took an afternoon nap.  I don’t really remember weaving in ends, but indeed, I woke up with these on:

The double-knitted socks are officially done and off the needles.  However, they don’t qualify as completely double knit.  I worked the toe separately before stacking the socks, I worked the heels separately on dpns before re-combining them, and I ended up separating them before tackling the ribbing.  My illness-addled brain just couldn’t wrap my brain around ribbing in double knit, and still enjoying the process, but my illness-addled body desperately wanted a new pair of woolen socks to wear while being ill.  Since knitting is my hobby, and meant to be enjoyable, I gave myself that allowance.

The socks were worked toe-up with a short-row toe and a short-row heel.  50 stitches in pure stockinette stitch, on size 2s.  I am curious to see how the short row heel will wear.  I enjoyed the working of it, and I like the look, but with no reinforcement through the stitching, I’m afraid they might wear out earlier than their heel-flapped counterparts.  I used Mountain Colors Bearfoot in huckleberry, and really love the colors.   I was interested in the process of double knitting, and I wanted plain stockinette socks to showcase the yarn.  The double knitting was a great way for me to stay interested in the knitting when it otherwise would have become tedious for me around the heel turn.  I highly doubt I will use the double knitting again for socks, though, as it severely limits the patterns I could do and still have fun with it.  I also found it too much trouble to figure out the tricky parts (heel, toe, and ribbing).  In the future, I see magic loops in my future for my socks.


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