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February 5, 2008

Tell-All Tuesday

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I think this is the third “Tell-All Tuesday”!  I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with a theme this long before, but I like this one — it’s a fun round-up kind of post for me, since I seem to take a long weekend from posting, after “Finished-Up Friday” posts….

I went on a bit of a yarn binge… Not too bad, but probably not incredibly useful, either.  I did get another hank of Blue Heron Rayon-Metallic in Denim on Sunday, from Frivolous Fibers.  Visiting that shop is totally worth the 80 minute drive, for me!  I had a great day with Mom, but some day, I’m going back alone, so I can just hang out at the shop during a Sit ‘N Knit time — the ladies who frequent the shop seem like a lovely group!

Today, I was out running errands with the kids, and dropped off the March class schedule for Michael’s.   I’m trying something new with that.  Instead of just offering a specific project, I’m going to work within a concept, and then offer specific help for projects that some will bring.  For instance, one class will be on cables.  I’m requiring that attendees already know the basics of knitting.  And I’ll be teaching how to set the cable apart from the surrounding stitches, how to cross the cable in either direction, and then, for those who are ready, how to make a reversible cable, and to cable without a needle.  If that ends up being too much to cover, I’ll split it up, in the future, but I know I enjoy a faster-paced class when I attend, even if it means that I don’t quite soak up everything.  The information still seems to surface when I need it.  We’ll see….

We also made an impromptu stop at Tuesday Morning on the way home.  I found a pretty purple yarn that will become something for my mom — probably a hat (she’s a proud member of a Red Hat group, and as every card carrying Red Hatter knows, you wear a purple hat during your birthday month.  With a birthday in January, she could use a cozy purple hat in this Merino, Microfiber, and Cashmere blend!)  I also bought a mohair blend with lots of variegation in pretty colors.  I don’t know what I’ll make of it, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.  It really appealed to me in the store (apparently…. I have 5 balls of it, now!  Hi.  My name is Kelly, and I’m a yarnoholic.)


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