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January 29, 2008

Tell-All Tuesday

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Jeanie is in time-out.  It wasn’t her fault, really.  I was working on her late at night, when I was sleepy, and I wasn’t careful about where the yarn crossed in the cable.  Suffice it to say, I didn’t do it well….  Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me to check until I’d worked well into the next pattern repeat the next day.  I was just looking over my work so far, and realized that, 12 rows before where I was, things were not lookin’ so good.  So what did I do?  You guessed it….  Ribbit!

I pulled back 14 rows, picked up, crossed the cables correctly, and then…. put Jeanie down for a couple of days.  When she’s ready to come out of her project bag, I think we’ll all be in a better mood.

The socks are still progressing.  They are my take-with project, so they get worked on often, but in short spurts.  I am hoping to turn the heels soon (maybe tonight — Brandon is going out for a bit, and I’m hoping for kids to go to sleep easily.  Isn’t it cute that I can still harbor these fantasies?)  I only have about 8-10 more rounds before I start the heel, so it is conceivable…..  (right?)  I was using dpns, but the needles were just too flimsy for me, and were pretty warped about halfway up the foot.  I switched to a magic loop circular, but I’m still using the double knitting method to knit with one sock nested in the other.

As for finished projects, you don’t get pictures yet, but February’s free pattern project is D-O-N-E!  And it’s cute!!!  I’m also working on a crochet version now (Marly of YarnThing would be so proud of me!)

As for what I’m really focusing on right now….  It’s a teensy tiny Baby Surprise Jacket, with the pattern modified just a tad:

Who, you may wonder, will fit into this teensy tiny jacket?  Well, Catie has a new friend who is often naked.  Meet Jenny:

Catie just acquired a full complement of baby care item, including a little diaper bag, just for her.  Jenny is the recipient of an enormous amount of bottle-feeding, cereal, and time to play with blocks.  According to Catie, she doesn’t need diapers or burping.  She did, however, need a hat.  I’m not overly pleased with this attempt — but in my defense, Cabbage Patch Newborns have really horrid shaped heads for making hats.  I’m sure I’ll improve.  Now, apparently, Jenny wants a purple hat.


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