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January 16, 2008

Our Weekend Away

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Last weekend was lovely — so much so that I’m still on a bit of a lazy high (low?) from it.  We stayed at Peaches and Dreams B&B in Cordova, MD (near Easton and St. Michaels).  I highly recommend it.  For a higher price, you might find a more comfortable bed, or a fireplace in the room, or a more convenient location, but there is no better breakfast than Michael’s, I’m convinced.  The price couldn’t be beat, as well, and I’m hoping to convince a few friends from my knitting group to go for a Stitchin’ Slumber Party sometime soon!

While we were visiting, of course I had to stop by the yarn stores in the area.  Easton offered “Yarns and Co.”, and I was, frankly not impressed.  I came into the shop with my husband, and he found a chair to sit and read while I browsed.  One staff member was there, and was helping a customer with finding buttons.  Now, I’m not one to demand that all attention of the sales staff switches to me when I come in, or anything like that, but despite her going around the store several times in search of various things, she never acknowledged me or said hello, NOTHING!, for over 5 minutes.  At that point, I had pretty much decided I wasn’t impressed with her selection, and was headed out, anyway.  But seriously, folks, if you have a yarn store, or any other kind of store, say hi to customers coming in, when you get to a natural break with the customer you’re with.  We all understand, when we are the customer you’re with — it’s okay!  We’re good with you acknowledging other people, really!

In sharp contrast was Frivolous Fibers in St. Michaels.  When I went in, the staff was warm, knowledgeable, helpful, humorous — in short, everything you’d want in an LYS, especially when you’re on vacation, and want to feel good about spending a little extra on souvenir yarn!  We all know, when you go to a brick-and-mortar store, you’re going to spend more for yarn than online — it costs more to operate an actual store front.  So, I think it’s important for the B&M stores to encourage our loyalty — make it special for us, when we come through your doors.  And Frivolous Fibers did just that.  I felt a bonding in the short time I was in the store.  You know, that bonding that makes you want to go back to show off what you did with your yarn, see what classes are being offered, check out the samples that might have changed since you were last there…. and, well, to buy more yarn!


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