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January 11, 2008

The Silver Lining, Pt. II

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I got into my zone of thinking about how to make the tank top in my earlier post, and forgot to actually post about the Silver Lining in this whole “One way or another, I’ll have to frog half my knitting” situation.  I decided, since I was monkeying around with everything anyway, I might as well hoist the whole mess off the needles and “try it on.”  As we all know, gauge swatches are lying liars who lie, and this one was no exception.  I thought the sweater seemed to be awfully large around, and boy, was I right!  My whole family could have worn it at once!  So, while wearing my elephant tube top, I pinned up the “extra” to make it the fit I really wanted, and discovered that I could drop 40 stitches — approximately a quarter of what I had cast on!

I had achieved gauge in my swatch, and then cast on for an extra large.  I decided to keep the same gauge I was already comfortable with (I really like the hand of the fabric at this gauge), and to just drop down to the stitches called for in the size XS/S.  Now, anyone who knows me knows I’m not in any world an XS/S, but I’ll make allowances for height, which I do anyway, and away I go!  A round takes so much less time, now — I think I’ll be able to catch up to where I was in no time.

Actually, it will take a while — I’m trying to get the house in good order, laundry done, and packing done — Brandon and I are going away for our first-ever weekend away from the kids!  I told Mom to feel free to potty train Catie while we’re gone.  I don’t see it happening (or even being attempted….) but I like to indulge in wishful thinking!  I’ll check in again next week — hopefully with pictures of the pink-and-STRIPELESS blob, in progress.  (I dare not hope to have pictures of a finished project that quickly!  Maybe if I hadn’t had the two-day setback….)


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  1. YAY!!! I thought of you today at Michaels and was coming to see if you found what you needed. 🙂

    Comment by scienceesl — January 11, 2008 @ 3:42 pm

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