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January 10, 2008

Stripey? Oh no!

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I am one day and about 1/3rd through the making of a bamboo sweater, using Bernat Naturals Bamboo blend, and, horror of horrors, I forgot the cardinal rule of starting a new project, and have found myself bitten in the arse by it.  No, I swatched (can you believe it?  I actually did swatch!!!  I’m proud of myself for that!).  I forgot something even more basic than that.  CHECK THE DYELOT!  Ugh!

The story so far:  At Michael’s, I fell in love with this bamboo blend, specifically, the Lotus colorway — sort of a pale rose color.  And…. then I made the mistake of flipping through the pattern booklet made of patterns using this new line of Bernat Naturals (bamboo, soy, cashmere, alpaca…. maybe silk?  I can’t remember, now.)  And I fell in love with one of the patterns.  Okay, I fell in love with 5 of the patterns, but I decided to make one of the patterns.  It’s a sweater worked in pieces — front, back, sleeve, sleeve.  I decided to work the body in one piece in the round, and that may be my saving grace.  So, I’m now 11″ into the to-be 16″ body-to-the-armholes.  I spread it on the floor to see my progress, 4 balls of yarn into this, and see that the bottom two balls were a paler shade than the top two balls.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Don’t panic, Kel.  You can pull through this!

Okay, it won’t be completely noticeable in all light.  I can’t see the line when I’m working on it next to the lamp.  I don’t yet know what the rest of the yarn is.  I’ll figure out what is left (I’ve already purchased every ball they had at my Michael’s….) and decide the best way to arrange it.  I’m going to go with “intentional color blocks” as my excuse.  My fervent hope is that the rest are all the darker dyelot, and that the pale stripe across the hips has a minimizing effect.  (I know, I’m reaching here.)  Or maybe there will be only two more of the lighter dyelot, and I’ll use them for the lower part of each sleeve, or….  Well, I have ideas for how to make it work with what I have, however it works out.  And none of my ideas include ripping out 120+ yds. of yarn.  Slightly varying stripes are in, right?  RIGHT?!?



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