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December 19, 2007

Almost Christmas!

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I’ve always loved Christmas.  Okay, I know, most people do.  Well, most Christians, I guess, and at least one Jew I know….  I just feel like a kid again, with all the best parts of being a kid.  Maybe it’s my reward for the fact that I’ve started feeling old the rest of the year.  Something about having two of the short world-dominators around makes me feel older than my age, and constantly tired to boot.  I keep holding out hope that I can maintain enough sleep to get by until they start school, and I’ll be able to rest and catch up a little then.  (And if you are one of those evil people who wants to convince me that that’s not right, then just hush!  I’ll not be having any of that!)

So, Christmas.  I feel woefully behind, and I haven’t decided if I feel like “catching up.”  Well, I can guarantee I don’t, but I haven’t decided if I will attempt to, anyway.  The tree is up and has lights on it.  All credit goes to my husband — I had nothing to do with it.  Actually, I do deserve *some* credit — I pushed for the pre-lit artificial tree.  There are no ornaments on it.  I’ve heard tales of families who go to sleep with a bare tree, as part of Santa’s job in their house is to decorate the tree.  Personally, I think he has enough to do that night, so I don’t feel I should make more work for him.  But, really, with two pre-schoolers-who-try-to-touch-and-eat-everything, maybe we just don’t need ornaments on the tree this year.

At least I was circumspect with regards to knitting.  I have made no attempts to deliver knitted gifts to everyone.  Or anyone.  I have Creative Knitting’s “Swirly Girl” tam and mitts set on the needles for my mom, but that’s for her birthday (early in January).  No pressure there.  It looks great, so far, though!

And I’m working on the endless messenger bag.  ENDLESS!  But the end is in sight — I just have 3 miles of stockinette left to finish the strap before felting.  No new photos just yet.  I’ll take one when the strap is done, before felting.  I hope it comes out of felting as cute as it is in my mind.


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