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December 4, 2007

Contagious bad days…

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Yesterday, my kids had a particularly horrible day, and they decided to pass it to me early on.  It wasn’t like there was anything particular that was bad — just all the little stuff that kept building up.  I could handle the kids conspiring against me, though.  They do it every Monday, and every fourth Thursday, so that was expected.  What really broke my heart was that my knitting turned against me.

(Before starting this, please understand that I have been EXTREMELY pleased with Knit Picks, and with the Harmony Interchangeables.  When I called their customer service line today, they immediately sent out replacement parts with no issues — This is NOT a complaint about the product or company!)

A:  Started using a #9 Harmony Options tip.  It had a tiny split in the wood, and kept catching my yarn when I was knitting.

B:  Switched to a different project.  The interchangeable “end cap” came apart from the plastic cable.  No working on that project either.

C:  Yet another project.  Finally get a chance to sit down to knit, and my father shows up to plastic-coat the windows.  Meaning I have to move from in front of them.  Which, don’t get me wrong — it’s much warmer now, it’s great that he’s doing it, yada yada.  But I just wanted to sit down and knit.  I never really did get going on it.  :sigh:

Today is a new day.  And apparently my husband and mother caught the bad day from me.  I hope that it’s the kind of virus that passes through, and doesn’t just keep getting passed around the family….


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  1. Maybe I can blame my bad mood today on you…. Na I dont think its catching from there to here, but it sounded good.

    Comment by scienceesl — December 4, 2007 @ 11:14 pm

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