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November 27, 2007

What? Is six weeks a long time?

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Okay, okay, I know! But it’s been a busy six weeks! As you can tell…. My new “catch-up” posts have gone to the next page, already… (hint, hint! You’ll have to click to see the others!)

I got my ravelry invite, let’s see…. about 6 weeks ago. So, now, my secret’s out… THAT’S where I’ve been all this time. I’m in love! I’m definitely not one of the more active ones there, but I’ve been feeling very….inspired! I thought I knew the scope of talented people out there, just from some blog-surfing and such, but WOW! That was only the tip of the iceberg! I’m just amazed at what’s out there, and who!

What else? Oh yes! I got a job teaching knitting and using the knitting looms (a la Knifty Knitter) at Michael’s. I wasn’t thrilled, honestly, about doing the Knifty Knitter, but I knew how to use it, so I figured, no biggie, I’ll do it, since that’s what they need. So I started to research some other methods, and stumbled across! I love how she’s broken down how to do the stitches, and has made it quite simple to understand. I’m looking forward to looking like the queen of the Knifty Knitter, now, during the class! (Of course, at the end, I’ll have to divulge my secret source of information, and send my students her way! 🙂 )

Also occupying my free time, I found Marly at, and of the Yarn Thing Podcast. She’s a hoot, and I had a great time going back and listening to all of her archived Podcasts. She’s so funny, but not in a stand-up comedienne kind of way. More like in a sitting at a stitch and bitch with friends, and she’s the one that always has the funny story that makes everyone laugh and lose their place in their pattern. I really enjoy knitting while listening to her, and her conversations with her friends, who are frequent “visitors” to her Podcast.

And we went to Myrtle Beach for a week. It was a lovely relaxing family time, and we really enjoyed the time to just chill together! Photos of the kids are at

Okay, I think that’s it, for now. I’ll try to be better about keeping up to date! I can guarantee you I’ll be done with the Femme Fatale Wrap (from Creative Knitting) this week!


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