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September 22, 2007

No socks by Saturday

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Well, here it is, Saturday, and I am far from my goal. In fact, I am a bit past the heel turn in sock#1, and sock #2 is waiting patiently with just the cuff done. I do anticipate finishing sock #1 this weekend, but I promise, I do have a good excuse for being a slacker….

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Yep! The Yarn Harlot, herself, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee! My friend M (the evil one who got me hooked on EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket and forcibly convinced me that I needed to be at the Sheep and Wool Festival) emailed me that the Yarn Harlot was coming to a Borders within about an hour of us, and was up for a drive? You betcha! We had a great time, Stephanie was wonderful and gracious, all in all, it’s an evening I’ll remember for a long time!

Of course, this was Thursday. I have no excuse for why I didn’t finish sock #1 on Friday, at least, except that I’m a lazy bum. Wait, no, that can’t be it! Oh yeah. I randomly cast on some Luscious in the Citrus Swirl colorway to be Jaywalkers. I love this yarn. Love, love, love it. And yet, I am having the hardest time making it something. I want to use it. I’m not the type of person with unused stash. I buy yarn because I want to use it, wear it, model it. When I use my yarn budget, it’s to buy yarn to be gifts — loopy love. When I use birthday money, it’s for me. THIS is birthday yarn. It’s MINE. Mine to wear, once I figure out what the hell it’s supposed to be… I’m not even past the ribbing yet, so I’m holding out hope that the yarn just wants to be Jaywalkers….


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