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September 15, 2007

Crying over spilled stitches

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After my blissful picture of what last night would entail, I kicked off a comedy of errors. To set the scene, N had been running a fever, so he’d fallen asleep in our bed. I’d asked B to move him half an hour before I came up, but that didn’t pan out…. So, I got my night-time bliss accoutrements prepared. I went upstairs while managing to balance my cup of tea, my iPod and headphones, my yarn, and my knitting. And then see that there is a little boy in my bed, right where I need to be sitting. I asked B to move him again, but it didn’t happen right away, so I set my stuff down, and sat down at the foot of the bed for 10 minutes, until B moved the boy. I took his sweaty place (his fever broke, thank God!), and got ready to knit…. and realized that, in all the jostling and moving, I’d dropped about 30 stitches off the needles. And started crying.

Now, I’m really not all *that* unstable. I am a pretty steady person, generally. And that may have been what took B by surprise. But most women need a good cry once in a while. I can’t help it if life is so good that it takes dropped stitches to make me well up…. But it’s been a long few weeks, with lots of little ups and downs, worrying over N’s fever, and that C would get sick, and that I would get sick, and starting a fairly strict diet to try to shed a little of my leftover baby weight, and really, I just want French fries. Really, I think I was crying over the French fries. Then, B said the unthinkable, “Why don’t you just put it away, if it’s making you cry?” Well, that did the trick. That just made me mad, so I stopped crying. PUT IT AWAY?!? With 10 rows left?!? Out of the 450 or so rows (more like over 500, but that’s with a fair number of short rows added in). NO WAY IN HELL, BUDDY! I think he understands a little better now. Or at least didn’t bring up that insane suggestion again.

For anyone concerned, don’t worry. The dropped stitches were able to be picked up again without too much trouble. I had to drop down about 3 rows to recreate all the pattern stitches, but I just dropped out the section I had dropped, and saved myself from tinking back 3 rows, at least. All is better, now, and I’m heading into the last 6 rows before cast-off! B looked mildly surprised when I volunteered to take the car for the oil change this morning. I think the surprise will turn to understanding, when he’s home with the kids, and sees me heading out the door with my knitting tote and iPod.


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